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Carolyn Coffey at Freeway Chevrolet!! 2-19-17
Anderson's Maple Syrup 2-17-17
AZ Diamondbacks Broadcast w/ Maria and Chad 2-15-17
Anderson Maple Syrup 2-11-17
Charlie Huero at Fulton Homes!! 2-11-17
Kalil Fiji Water

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  1. C.J. says:

    I don’t care what side of Chicago you lived on I am sure you have heard Jack Brickhouse say there’s a hot ground ball down the third base line Santo back hands it spins throws it to Banks for the out to end the inning unbelievable. It takes talent and a lot of heart to be a Ron Santo. R.I.P. Our prayers go out to all his family, friends and last but not least his fans.

    1. Ron was one of the “good guys.” Thanks for readin and commenting, C.J.

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