Tom’s NEW shoes.

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  • James S

    Hi Tom-I think for anyone who may be wroking or maybe hiking your shoes are fine-there is no such thing as “old” I’m 50 an I feel younger then Maria, lets see what Maria likes to whear-oh yea she wears pajamas to work sometimes. Thats the way old people dress at times too.

    Be young Tom and Maria James

    • Tom Peake

      You should see the curlers, moo moo dresses and bunny slippers she wears too!

      • Maria Knight

        TOM! I don’t own a moo-moo. THe bunny slippers I got! :)

  • Deb

    LOVE the shoes Tom!! They look great on you! Sorry Maria but you are wrong about this. Now, leave Tom alone!!!! :)

  • Tom Peake

    Thanks Deb!!! And yes Maria, leave me alone!!

  • Deb

    Tom, start snapping pictures of Maria when she is not at her best!! Let all of us see what you have to look at. I am sure your shoes are nothing compared to bunny slippers and pajamas!!!!!!! :)

  • Debra

    Tom, You have some great looking shoes there. My husband would love them too. I doesn’t matter why you bought them, you are stylin!!!

  • margaret

    Tom, Tell Maria she’s got it wrong. You bought them not to look like the young kids, but because the old guys were coping you too much with the white shoes!

    Have a great day :D

  • Lisa

    so um,did you want these shoes or just get them because all the younger guys had them,r u kidding?Get what you want,what feels good,looks good and priced right—IF you can get all three of those things….LOL

  • Russ

    Tom- the shoes are awesome. Where did you get them? Isn’t there a saying, “Shoes make the man.” U-Da Man!
    Bunny Slippers! Sorry Maria, Not Kool!

  • Angel

    Tom, those shoes you bought are stylin. They look great & I bet they are comfortable too. Buy what feels right for you, don’t worry about what other people wear or what they think. Have a
    terrific day… KEEP SMILING…
    PEACE :)

  • Tom Peake

    Thanks everyone. See Maria, we’ve found something else you’re wrong about. hehehehe. :-)

  • Debbie Wise

    The shoes are perfect!!! Don’t ever wear white shoes..they only belong on sailors, golfers and girls.

  • michelle pickle

    tom lts about time you got nice shoes you are that old maria got you good l know you did like it when she pick on you take care your friend michelle

  • Paula

    Tom, you are too cute and I love the shoes…….Are you dating anyone???? Paula

  • Kelly

    I don’t know Tom, maybe sandals would have been the way to go, you can wear those with white socks LOL

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