Flag was snowier than Vancouver!

KOOL Golf Team
KOOL Golf Team
Drew Bland, Tom Peake, "Mulligan" (Me) & Kris Abrams. Tiger may be down and out. But, WE'RE riding high! 8,000 feet high!
I-17 at 7,000 feet.
I-17 at 7,000 feet.
I know what you're saying. "What do you do when driving in a blizzard with zero visibilility, barely able to keep your car on the road? You take one hand off the steering wheel and snap a photo!"
I-17 at 5,000 feet.
I-17 at 5,000 feet.
Would you believe this was only 15 minutes later??? I had ALMOST released the steering wheel from my "G.I. Joe Kung Fu grip!"
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