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I’m not sure about you, but I cannot get enough of November and December. It’s my favorite time of the year! I love the whole feeling and spirit around the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas. The […]




I admit, I can be a bit “over-organized”. To some, that is an understatement, but I think being organized leads to a healthy brain. Literally. If I walk into something that is messy, I start […]


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I’d Like My Drumstick For Dessert, Please

It’s BAAAAACK! It’s a Thanksgiving turkey best served cold. Baskin-Robbins is bringing back the Turkey Cake, a glazed confection first introduced in 1976. The cake, which serves up to 10 people and costs $32.99, can […]


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The Good Stuff At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a week away…hopefully you have completed the guest list,  planned the menu and borrow the chairs. Turkey may be the STAR of the meal, it ranks second  on the list of favorite […]



Show Us Your Pumpkins!

This morning Tom and Maria were talking about carving pumpkins.  Well, they  want to SEE your creativity!  After you carve your pumpkin, send it to Maria Knight and she will post them for ALL to […]



My Vegas Vacation

Took a day off and headed off to Sin City with my husband with some family and friends….


A gigantic cloud of dust known as "Haboo

Name Our Haboobs!

The Weather Channel is going to start naming blizzards this winter…the same way that the National Weather Service gives names to hurricanes.  They say its to raise awareness, make it easier for people to follow […]


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Do You Lie About Coloring Your Hair?

According to a new global survey, about one out of ten people over 60 don’t have a single  gray hair.  The survey also found that early gray hair is more common in men than women. […]


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Granddaughter Aly Makes Her First Pizza From Scratch

How many four year old girls make a pizza from scratch…(with a little help from Grammy)?  That’s what Aly did today, and since it was another first, I was there with the Canon in hand […]