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Switch To Save with APS

Switch to Save! Using CFLs instead of incandescent bulbs can reduce energy use by up to 75 percent, saving up to $40 over the lifetime of each bulb. With longer nights, lights are on longer. […]


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The Voice Of iPhone’s Siri Comes Forward

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you’re very familiar with Siri , Apple’s personal assistant who has an answer for just about anything you ask her.  For the first time Siri has come out […]

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What Pre-Teens Think Of Social Media

Twitter. Facebook. Blogging. Posting. Tagging. Likes. We’re so accustomed to social media that we don’t give it a second thought.  There’s much more computing power in our phones than it took to put a man […]

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You’ve Got The New iPhone…Now What?

Tom and I both down loaded the new iOS 7 operating system for our iPhones…but we didn’t know what to do next. We found a web site that helps you out the KOOLEST 18 features […]

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East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy (Getty Images)

The Nerdiest City In America Is…..

What was just named the nerdiest city in America? See the whole list HERE!

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