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Here's A HUGE List Of Freebies On Your Birthday!Someone put together a list of freebies that you can score from National Chains across the country on your birthday!  You should read the "terms of service" before cashing in, but it looks like you could have the time of your life on your next birthday!
Are These The Best Movies Of The 80's?Since it's been so hot lately, why not spend some family time watching a great movie from the 80's! You know all of the catch-phrases and the best scenes, which should annoy your kids, but isn't that half of the fun! AZCentral put together a list of some of the best.  What do you think?
Live From Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerAnother hot one this weekend. Stay cool in the theaters! We check in with our Hollywood expert Cecily Knobler to see if the new Transformers is any good...
Where Can Kids Go To Play Indoors, When It's So Hot Outdoors?Thanks to AZCentral, there's a list of 21 just such places to keep them busy, and inside where the air conditioner is.  
Star Wars Day With The Diamondbacks Saturday!This is going to be good! The D-Backs are hosting Star Wars night Saturday, and are giving away a Paul Goldschmidt S-Wing Fighter Pilot Bobble-head to the first 20,000 through the gates! Darth Vader, Chewbacca & Stormtroopers will be in the concourse area for pictures. And, there's fireworks & Star Wars music after the game.
This Gymnast Proves Age is Only a NumberJohanna Quaas is 91 years old and still competing in gymnastics! You have to see this video of her in action from a recent competition in Germany...
Maria & Chad Sing the BluesThe record-breaking temperatures this week have left us singing the blues. Or at least trying... Listen as Maria and Chad (and a few listeners) sing about the Arizona heat!
New To The Valley? 10 Things You Should Know About The Arizona HeatEverything seemed like heaven when you moved here in the Fall.  Suddenly, it seems know! There are certain things that you can and can not do in the summer.  Things that you will, and will not do!  AZ Family put together a list of things to help you through your first Arizona summer! Any suggestions from those who have been here a while?
Flights Canceled Because Of The Heat!With the heat soaring, apparently some flights aren't! American Airlines canceled some flights yesterday and today due to the dangerously high temps. Most are routes traveled by smaller jets.
WIN TICKETS TO SEE BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BANDRegister for your chance to win tickets to see Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band from The New 94.5 KOOL FM.
Slow and Tell with Maria & Chad!What do these two sound like after a few cocktails? We’re not sure, but this is the closest thing to it! This time Maria had trouble saying "cauliflower" and "coleslaw", so Chad was giving her a hard time. Take a listen here…
Live From Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerLots of movies this weekend, and crazy temps outside. Might be time to hit the theaters. The big ones this weekend are "Cars 3" and "Rough Night", so let's see what's worth the price of admission...

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