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Toys that make you miss the 60’s and 70’s

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab Created in 1951, this kit included a Geiger counter, a miniature cloud chamber, an electroscope, a spinthariscope and, shockingly, four types of radioactive uranium ore. Widely considered one of the most […]

94.5 KOOL FM–11/11/2013


Bionic Turtle

This little guy has stolen my heart. This is not your average turtle. He was abandoned.  He lost a leg. Now the good part. Some awesome German vets found a way to make him a […]

94.5 KOOL FM–11/08/2013

(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for AKC

[Video] Just A Friendly Game of Tetherball Between Two Dogs

It’s not everyday that a dog chooses to perform any type of activity besides fetch, eat and sleep.  But these two Australian cattle dogs make a fetch look like simple puppy-play.  The two dogs, a […]



This Wallet Cried for HELP!

This wallet knows when you should be saving money…AND when you are aloud to spend money.  It even gives you suggestions on what to buy… mmmmmmmm    

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Switch To Save with APS

Switch to Save! Using CFLs instead of incandescent bulbs can reduce energy use by up to 75 percent, saving up to $40 over the lifetime of each bulb. With longer nights, lights are on longer. […]


bacon wrapped fiests

Ford says YES, You CAN have a side of bacon with that.

Airbags, anti-lock brakes, and power steering are all standard on Ford Fiesta, but if you want bacon with that, it’ll cost you extra. In preparation for International Bacon Day tomorrow, the car maker is selling […]

94.5 KOOL FM–08/30/2013

Baby elephant ( JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Baby Elephant Cools Off In Kiddie Pool

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted an animal video with a major cute factor.  That dry spell is about to end – literally. This is baby Belle.  She’s a three week old Asian […]

94.5 KOOL FM–08/06/2013

Preparations Are Made At Worthy Farm Ahead Of The Glastonbury Festival

School Lunch! – There’s a POLL.

When I was a kid,  my mother almost always made my lunch for me. Actually,  it was more like TWO lunches.  I was  in sports and ate A LOT.    I got little notes from my […]

94.5 KOOL FM–08/05/2013


Not Your Average Bear!

This bear stole more than a picnic basket.  HAHAHAHA

94.5 KOOL FM–08/02/2013