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A Female “Ghostbusters” Is Officially Happening

“Bridesmaids” director PAUL FEIG is making a new female-led “Ghostbusters” movie. There’s no word on casting, but he said it will star, quote, “hilarious women”. There’s no word if this means the death of a “Ghostbusters 3″ starring the original guys . . . or at least what’s left of them.


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A Woman Told a Cop She Couldn’t Afford a Car Seat . . . So He Bought Her One

On Friday, a cop in Michigan pulled a woman over because her five-year-old daughter wasn’t in a car seat. She explained that it was her friend’s car . . . her car recently got repossessed with her car seat still IN it . . . and she couldn’t afford to buy a new one. So instead of giving her a ticket, the cop told her to meet him at a nearby Walmart . . . where HE bought one for her.


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Geoffrey Holder Has Died – Don’t Know The Name? You Know The Voice

Geoffrey Holder died Sunday from complications of pneumonia. As a dancer, choreographer, actor, composer, designer and painter, his career included two Tony Award wins in directing and costume design categories for the Broadway musical “The […]

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78 Year Old Panhandling Grandma Driving New Car Later Attacks Reporter

I see them all over the valley at most busy corners. A cardboard sign asking for money.  And I feel for them, I really do. And I want to help. But I also want to […]

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25 Years Later It’s Coming Back For A Limited Run On Showtime

“Lucy, put Harry on the horn.  She’s dead….wrapped in plastic.” That pretty well set the tome for Twin Peaks, one of the top rated shows of the 1990 tv season.  It limped laong after the […]

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Paul Revere (Of Raiders Fame) Has Died – Interview About Indian Reservation

Paul Revere, founder and leader of the 60’s/70’s rock group Paul Revere and The Raiders, died yesterday after a year long battle with cancer. He was 76 – prophetic for a man born with the […]

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ASU Upsets USC with 46-yard Hail Mary on the Final Play

ASU Quarterback Mike Bercovivi threw an incredible 46 yard pass to Jaelen Strong for a last minute win against USC.  Check out these highlights from  You’ve got to see the look on USC Fan’s […]



Matthew McConaughey Addresses The Texas Longhorns

As an Oklahoma State grad, I have no love for the Texas Longhorns, but I will concede it was pretty cool for Texas grad (class of ’93) Matthew McConaughey to stop in for a practice […]

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New Coyotes Owner?

It’s looking like the Arizona Coyotes may soon have a new owner. We are hearing that a hedge fund manager in Philly maybe looking to become 51% owner of the National Hockey League team. The […]