Christown Mall's 55th Anniversary with Maria Knight 9.24.16
Brass Armadillo with Carolyn Coffey 9-18-16The KOOL kids on the block and Carolyn Coffey visited Brass Armadillo on Cactus Rd. and the I-17 to celebrate the store's 20 year anniversary! Brass Armadillo had cake, punch and chances to win free Brass Armadillo T-shirts every hour. We even provided Papa John's pizza, tickets to the Wildlife World Zoo and a lucky winner went home with Def Leppard tickets! We had such a great time.
East Valley Nissan with Tom Peake!! 9-17-16Tom Peake and the KOOL Kids on the Block headed out this morning to East Valley Nissan!
Hall & Oates Concert 2016!94.5 KOOL-FM was having a blast out at Ak-Chin Pavillion tonight for the Hall & Oates concert!
Counting Crows & Rob Thomas Concert 2016!The KOOL Kids on the Block were having a blast at the Counting Crows and Rob Thomas concert tonight!
Brass Armadillo with Carolyn Coffey 9-3-16
Courtesy Chevrolet with Chad!! 9-3-16had and the Kook Kids on the Block headed out on this gorgeous afternoon to Courtesy Chevrolet on 12 St. and Camelback!!
A1 Garage Doors 8-27-2016
Guns N' Roses with Charlie and Maria 8-15-16Charlie, Maria, and the Kool Kids on the Block hung out on the plaza at University of Phoenix Stadium for the epic Guns N' Roses concert!
Sprint with Maria Knight 8-13-16The KOOL Kids on the Block visited Sprint on Ray and 54th Street in Chandler to check out Sprint's awesome sales and promotions. Maria Knight was giving out candy and prizes to listeners that stopped by. She even had a pair of Heart and Joan Jett tickets!
AT&T with Carolyn Coffey 08-06-16
AZ Celebration of Freedom with Charlie Huero

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