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Sorry Folks, Freeway's Closed. Moose Out Front Should've Told Ya!A stretch of Southbound 17 will be closed this weekend between Dunlap Avenue and Camelback Road from 10 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday to lay down a nice smooth layer of rubberized asphalt! Other freeways will have construction as well.
You Won't Believe This Home For Sale Near Prescott!It has views that stretch for miles! That's because it's a 10-story tall home! The "Falcon's Nest" is a 62-hundred square-foot house with three bedrooms and four bathrooms featuring glass ceilings and walls sitting on about an acre of land. It's only $1.5 million, so let's all go in together and share the time in it. I call dibs on Christmas!
Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerThis week features not one, but two TV show remakes and a sci-fi thriller. How do they stack up? Listen to the reviews and watch the trailers here...
Witness Pure Strength!Joe and Nick are lifelong friends who were able to book themselves on morning TV shows and prank the anchors with their "feats of strength". Watch the video here...
Wheel of Fortune...FAIL!Kevin only had one letter to go, but on his last guess, it was obvious he had something else on his mind. Check out the video here...
I Want To Be Just Like Him!Wearing diapers without a care and watching Rocky! Not so much the exercising though.
You Won't Believe What You Can Eat At The D-Back's Games This Season!How about a bacon wrapped pretzel baguette? Or, a Chicken Enchilada Dog, Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich, Churro Dog 2.0 or Sonoran Vegan Burger? Those are some of the things you can eat at Chase Field this year while you cheer on the D-Backs! Want to see the rest of the menu?
Which Rock Supergroup Will Have Their Own Version Of Monopoly?Queen! And it will feature moments in the band's career. Brian May said that they've been working on it for about a year, and that he had a blast putting it together.
Tom Brady's Jersey Has Been Found! Who Had It?Tom Brady won the Big Game, and just like that, it was gone!
The Agony of DefeatThe first weekend of March Madness had its share of game-winning buzzer-beaters and crazy upsets, but this young fan had a tough time dealing with loss. See the video here...
ROCKIN’ COUNTRY WITH ROBIN ZANDERJoin the Country Thunder Nation on Saturday April 8th for a super exclusive backstage bash with the one and only front man of Cheap Trick… Robin Zander!!
A Rock Legend & Pioneer Has DiedChuck Berry passed away today. His music influenced many!

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