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LAST CHANCE ENTER to Win Tickets To See Bill Maher!

Enter for your chance to tickets to see Bill Maher!


Paul McCartney (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Watch the Video for Paul McCartney & Wings’ ‘Call Me Back Again’

The reissues were originally slated for release last week. The new date is Nov. 4.


(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for FOX)

Stevie Nicks Confession!

Eagles perform here tomorrow night. Don Henley will be here with the boys. Fleetwood Mac performs here December 10th and Stevie Nicks will be here with her band mates. Back in the late 70’s Stevie […]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/30/2014

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

National Chewing Gum Day

This is the day I have been wating for all year! Not really, but it sure beats National Red Beets Day! So, in honor of all of the different flavors and kinds of gum out […]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/30/2014

Feeling KOOL – Don’t eat out of Boredom.

My daughter is a great kid.  She makes these motivational posters with positive affirmations on them…She cuts outs goals and tips from  magazines. I stole this from her latest poster. Not sure where she found […]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/30/2014

Oscar Party Sponsored By Children Uniting Nations, Rock The Vote And The Creative Coalition

Jeff Goldblum in New GE Ad

JEFF GOLDBLUM is in a new ad for General Electric light bulbs. And it’s by the same guys who did those Old Spice ads with Terry Crews in 2010 . . . so it’s pretty […]



Cruise to the Beach

Enter to Win a weekend getaway to San Diego!


Photo by: JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images

George Clooney’s $4 Million-Plus Wedding By the Numbers

According to E! Online, GEORGE CLOONEY and AMAL ALAMUDDIN spent more than $4 MILLION on their wedding weekend. About $3 million of that was for luxury hotel rooms. They also spent $380,000 for Amal’s dress, $58,000 on booze and $250,000 on flowers.


How Much To Tip

A Waiter Gave a Couple Terrible Service . . . So They Left a 150% Tip?

On Saturday, a couple named Steven and Makenzie Schultz went to a new restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for their anniversary, and got TERRIBLE service. It’s not clear how old they are. From the photo […]



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