KOOL Dog of the Week - LUCY (Camp Bow Wow) Lucy knows how to use a doggy-door and some of her basic commands.
KOOL Dog of the Week - TIGER (Halo Animal Rescue)If you are looking to add a four-legged pal to your family, TIGER may be exactly what you're looking for.
Help Me...Help the Pets!!!I'm on a mission to save pets and I need your help this Saturday morning...
KOOL Dog(s) of the Week - Ben and Jerry (AAWL)Double the love! Can you handle it? These two need YOU!
(ADOPTED!!!) KOOL Dog of the Week - PUMPKIN (Halo Animal Rescue)Pumpkin is just a year old - she knows how to sit and just learned how to lay down. She will be some training to become the best dog she can be.
KOOL Dog of the Week - RAIN (AAWL)This little girl has the cutest face ever!
KOOL Dog of the Week - MINKEY (AZHS)This blue-eyed low-rider is sure to attract many curious looks on neighborhood walks. Minkey is one-of-a- kind Basset Hound.
KOOL Dog of the Week - LANA (AAWL)What do you get when you cross a Mastiff and a Whippet? You get the sweetest girl ever...LANA.
KOOL Dog of the Week - BIRDIE (Halo)She's an oldie but a goodie. And she needs her FUR-ever home. AND she's FREE!
KOOL Dog of the Week - FETTY (AHS)The 3-year-old French Bull dog mix will dazzle you with her alternative looks and she has uproarious garments for every occasion.
KOOL Dog of the Week - Sherman (AZ Humane Society)Sherman may be partially blind but his love is unending and he’s one of the sweetest and easygoing dog’s you’ll ever meet.
KOOL Dog of the Week - BEANSBEANS has been at the shelter for over 2 months! WAY to long for this guy to find his permanent home. He is an American bulldog /Mix and is almost three years old. He is a silly dog with a great smile. He will need some time to settle into his new home - learn the rules etc. - but he is willing to learn new things.

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