Koko The Gorilla Crying Over Robin Williams Death

Back in 2001, Robin Williams had a special encounter with Koko the Gorilla. Koko is fluent in sign language, and Robin met with her to film a PSA that came out in 2004 over the threats to the gorilla environment.

The foundation’s presiden and the gorilla’s foster mother, Dr. Penny Patterson, stated:

“Koko instantly connected with Robin…Koko, like us, can sense a person’s nature and in this case, she was quickly drawn to Robin’s warm heart.

Apparently, Koko overheard the trainers talking about how Robin had passed away. Koko “signed” to them the words for “Cry” and “Woman”. The trainers said that Koko seemed very quiet for the day as if she knew exactly what was going on.

“After the first call, Koko came to Dr. Patterson with an inquiring look on her face. Dr. Patterson explained that ‘we have lost a dear friend, Robin Williams…Koko was quiet and looked very thoughtful…Koko became very somber, with her head bowed and her lip quivering.”

Below is the video of Robin and Koko together. Very touching. A great way to remember Robin.

Our thoughts are with his family, loved ones and fans.

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