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Photo by: Elsa / Getty Images

Photo by: Elsa / Getty Images

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Robinson Cano was the Yankees All-Star second basemen for seven years before he left for a 10 year and $240 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners.  After only a year however, Yankee’s fans had no problem booing a cardboard wall with Cano’s face on it set up by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show staff that showed his new colors as a Mariner.

To their surprise though, Cano happened to be just inside the wall waiting to surprise them as loyal Yankees fans booed him without knowing of his presence.  Reactions were as typical as they could be for anyone who was not expecting to see the celebrity they were insulting walk out in real life to greet them with a handshake.

One of them gave a pretty accurate insight of the situation after shaking Cano’s hand saying “This is so weird, only in New York”. Even though Cano’s leaving is not taken very well, with a decade left in Seattle, making new fans should not be problem and with $240 million dollars in pocket, finding a good New York strip probably will not be a problem.

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