Earth Wind And Fire’s Phillip Bailey Interview About His New Book

Earth Wind and Fire have sold more than 90 million albums, won eight Grammys, and garnered millions of fans around the world, and for the first time Phillip Bailey has put the story down on paper, ibook, and audio book to share with anyone who’s interested.

Appropriatly titled Shining Star: Braving The Elements Of earth Wind And Fire, the book is an easy read, or listen which ever you choose, and Phillip did his own narration rather than have an actor read it.

The book is well written, engaging, and chronicles Earth Wind and Fire’s rise to stardom and all that came with it, both good and bad.

Highly recommended.

Here’s the conversation we had this morning.

Earth Wind And Fire's Phillip Bailey Interview About His New Book

14 04 22 phillip bailey book Earth Wind And Fires Phillip Bailey Interview About His New Book

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