Eerie Mash Up: John Lennon Imagine – Paul McCartney Band On The Run – Wow!

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14  04-14 lennon-mccartney
Steve Goddard Steve Goddard
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Some creative genius has a lot of knowledge, a lot of free time,  a vivid imagination (no pun intended) and a passion for Lennon-McCartney.

What happens when you speed up the music track from John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and slow down Paul McCartney’s vocals on ‘Band On The Run”, then put them together?

You get a different song that works incredibly well.

So well that it’s almost frightening.

And all it will take is one listen.  I’ve heard this a half dozen times, and I’m still flabbergasted.

You’ll want to forward this on to your music loving friends.



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