[VIDEO] Bruce Springsteen Covers Some Of Your Favorite Songs Including Lorde, Bee Gees And More

Boss fans, get ready for this! Bruce is on his “High Hopes” tour right now and during his shows, he is doing some pretty KOOL cover songs. Plenty of people have covered The Boss, but now he is doing his own versions of some songs! If you have been to a Springsteen concert, you know he pours his all into the shows and certainly gives you your money’s worth. Now he is doing some versions of some classic songs, and even some new ones!

He even covered Lorde’s “Royals” :

Some other songs he has covered are “Stayin’ Alive” from the Bee Gees:

“Twist & Shout” from the Isleys:

“Spill The Wine” from Eric Burdon & War:

“Heatwave” from Martha Reeves & The Vandells:

….plus a bunch of Fogerty/CCR songs, and more!

What song would you like to see him cover?


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