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Don Henley Makes Okkervil River Take Down A Cover of ‘The End of the Innocence’

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Don Henley (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Don Henley (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

In entertainment law circles, it’s common practice for artists and their lawyers to defend one’s intellectual-property. So aggressively, in fact, that some acts – particularly legacy acts with a large, frequently licensed discography – have a proverbial chip on their shoulder about copyright-law protections when it applies to their music.

Unfortunately, Will Sheff of Austin, Texas folk rock band Okkervil River has found himself on the receiving end of a rather aggressive intellectual property lawyer sticking up for a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. 

Don Henley made me take down a cover of ‘The End of the Innocence’ that I’d had on there, which I’d rewritten – Don Henley made me take it down!” Okkervil River’s lead singer-songwriter Will Sheff told The Music.

Sheff is referring to Golden Opportunities 3, one of three mixtapes in an ongoing covers series that Okkervil River has released for free download on its website.

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