Feeling KOOL – FLU Foods

They say to feed a cold and starve a flu.  BUT if you eat these foods during cold and flu season, it oculd mkae you feel worse.

– Fruit Juice : contains a lot of sugar and they help reduce the function of white blood cells.

– Coffee:  Caffeine dehydrates you.

– Fried Foods:  You may want comfort foods, but all that saturated fat can mess with your digestion without giving your body any of the vitamins  and minerals it wants and needs to feel better.

– Alcohol:  Booze dehydrates you and that can make you feel more congested.  AND you shouldn’t mix alcohol and medications.

– Tomatoes:  Acidic foods can irritate already-irritated mucous membranes, making you feel even worse.

– Dairy:  Milk and cheese are great, but eating it when your sick makes phlegm build up even  worse.

Feeling KOOL is brought to you by Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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