Cell Phone Crashing Video

So by now you have heard that they are thinking about letting people talk on their phones on airplanes. Big debate. Hey, I still cannot get over the people walking around with the “earpieces” for their phones like they work for the CIA or Secret Service! I mean really, use that thing in the car when you are driving and you need to use your hands on the steering wheel, but when you are walking around the mall, or basically anywhere else, take it off! I don’t want to see you walking around like you are talking to yourself, or when you are around me and you are using it, I think you are talking to me, only to see that stupid thing in your ear…idiot. (me, for thinking you are talking to me, and you for wearing it and acting like an idiot). I found this video by Greg Benson who is cell phone crashing. He invades the airport, and basically crashes your call! Watch the silliness take place!


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