Paul McCartney Talks New Artists, Bass Strings On Twitter

Paul McCartney took to Twitter today to answer some fan-submitted questions, and while many were about his forthcoming album, New, some were about older albums. When asked what albums Macca had most recently purchased, he tweeted:

  Albums by Kanye West, the National, the Civil Wars, and Jay Z are all in the Beatle’s rotation, though he did not specify if it was their most recent albums. How does it feel to have Macca buy your album? The Civil Wars responded,   

 No word from the other three, though we could expect that The National might say “Cheers” and raise a glass of Bordeaux, Jay Z might say “Thanks. Did you like the Grey Album? I didn’t #factsonly” and Kanye might say “#NODISRESPECTPAULMCCARTNEY”.  

He also addressed the fact that he has a lot of young people in his audience (“I’m amazed, amused & happy. The band & I are very surprised at what a beautiful young audience we attract!”), addressed a rumor that he might collaborate with Bob Dylan (“There was a rumour about a year ago that bobdylan & I might work together but we haven’t picked up on it), and what strings he uses on his Hofner bass guitar (“I use flat wound .95 gauge”). New comes out on October 15. 




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