Super Pitchman/Car Salesman Cal Worthington Has Died

When I was living in Southern California in the mid 70’s it seemed like there was a Cal Worthington ad on the ev every 10 minutes or so.  It wasn’t that often, but he did seem to saturate he airwaves.  And when I arrived here in Arizona in 1979, there he was again.

It was impossible to look away when Cal was trying to sell you a car.  With his wonder dog Spot (a variety of exotic animals depending on the commercial) Cal at one time had 29 dealerships, including one here in Phoenix.

For nearly 25 years Cal, born Calvin Coolidge Worthington in the tiny town of Shidler, Oklahoma, covered the airways of radio and television with his off beat pitch.

In addition to his car  dealerships, which he had paired to one in Anchorage, Alaska, and Carlsbad, California, and Long Beach, California, Cal owned three shopping centers and an office tower, grossing around $600 million a year.

Cal Worthington was 92 years old.

Here are a few examples of his salesmanship.







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