KOOL Labor Day 500

Can you name 500 of anything other than numbers? 500 is a lot! We are going to be giving you a countdown to remember, or at least you can say you were a part of it. It’s the KOOL LABOR DAY 500, and starting Friday at 3pm with Steve Goddard, we are going to count down those 500 songs. There are thousands of songs to choose from!¬†How did we get there? Well, we asked you to tell us your favorite songs. Along with that, we have compiled a list of 500 of the biggest songs ever made. I believe you have your OWN 500 in your head too! How will your songs place in our countdown? Listen and find out. At the end of each day this weekend, we will give you the list for the day. It’s going to be fun! Thank you for your feedback on the songs, and thanks for listening to 94.5 KOOL FM!

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