The Hardest Thing David Cassidy Ever Did

Today I would say it has been superseded by staying sober.  According to David’s step mom Shirley Jones, he’s battling his own set of demons, and one of them raised its ugly head again this morning.

David was arrested this morning outside Albany, New York after bring pulled over for driving with his high beams on.  When officer Tom Jones (his real name) smelled alcohol on his breath a field sobriety test was administered, which David performed poorly.  He was then driven to town court where he posted a bail of $2,500.

What’s next? Due to his prior DUI conviction in florida, he now faces felony charges and is due back in town court in September.

When I spoke with David last year, I brought up a play he had done after the Partridge Family called ‘Little Johnny Jones’.

Here’s what he said about that.

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