Chicago at Celebrity Theatre

Chicago at Celebrity Theatre 01

Photo by Bily Foster – CBS Radio

The band with the windy city’s namesake, Chicago commanded the stage of Celebrity Theatre and the fans loved seeing the KOOL legendary rock & roll band up close and personal in this intimate venue.

A few songs in and they brought the winner from the “Sing with Chicago” auction on the stage to perform “If You Leave Me Now” with the band.  The auction was to benefit the American Cancer Society to fight against breast cancer.

At some points the crowd was cheering on their feet.  Seeing Robert Lamm tapping his fingers on the keytar and James Pankow blowing like crazy on the trombone, the band puts on quite a show.

The rotating stage makes sure that everyone got the chance to see Jason Scheff and Keith Howland on their guitars with Walt Parazaider on saxophone wooing the audience.  Lee Loughnane rounds out the horns with his trumpeting.

Keyboards were graced by Lou Pardini’s talent and drums manned by Tris Imboden with Walfredo Reyes on percussion.  All in all it was another amazing show by Danny Zelisko Presents!

Chicago at Celebrity Theatre 14
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