Bob Seger…Only One?

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Getty Images- Larry Busacca

Getty Images- Larry Busacca

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It’s hard to believe.  Bob Seger recorded for the same company for 20 years.

With songs like “Still The Same”, “Old Time Rock And Roll”, “Turn The Page”, “Katmandu”, “Night Moves”, “Main Street”, “Hollywood Nights”, “Rock And Roll Never Forgets”, and the list of hit songs goes on and on… he only had ONE #1 record.

It came from a movie soundtrack album. “Beverly Hills Cop II” was the movie.  It was called “Shakedown” and for Bob Seger fans, it was not his best stuff.  In fact it was a stretch away from his sound with more of a Pop feel with synthesizers and heavy dance feel.

Still, it went to #1 on the charts, for only ONE week!

I was talking with Steve Goddard yesterday and he asked my what my favorite Seger song was.  I said “Turn The Page”.

We went on and rattled off about 15 different songs and not one of them was his #1 record “Shakedown”.

Sorry Bob.

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