AZ Skies

This is one of the many reasons I love our beautiful state! Monsoon season may bring the threat of rain and wind and maybe a haboob or two….

But if you take some time on a regular basis to just look around at your surroundings you will see so much more than the forecast of rain and dust. The sunsets are postcard worthy.

And just about any formation of clouds in our skies are great to look at whether stuck in the house or riding in the car during a busy day. I personally love to take pictures to send to my family in other states just to brag about how lovely our view is.

I took this picture just minutes ago outside of the Kool building. Yes, it may mean rain is coming, but we can use it! And we all know that a little rain becomes the talk of the town. lol

So take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the Az skies. Take a deep breath and know that even if the rain comes it will leave our city nice and green and will help Kool things down around here.:)



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