Amazing Video Of Disneyland’s Opening Day 58 Years Ago Today

I don’t have any pictures of the first time I visited Disneyland with my family in 1963, and it’s about the only regret I have about the park I’ve visited so many times since then.

This video is a live broadcast of the opening day ceremonies that was broadcast nationwide on July 17, 1955.  there are a lot of technical glitches and miscues, but with the technology available at the time it’s a miracle that it got off the ground at all.

As you look at the video you’ll be amazed at how different the park looks with all the plant that had a long way to go before they would mature, and sidewalks that reportedly were still wet, causing some women wearing high heels to get stuck.  Thousands of people crashed the gates, straining the already stretched resources that day, but here we are 58 years later and it’s still the happiest place on earth.

Thank you Mr. Disney.


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