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It Is The Sweetest Comeback

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You were bummed to hear they would be gone for good. Perhaps you were one of many who searched for them on E-bay and spent more money on a box of them, than you should have.

Get ready for “The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever” (as quoted by Hostess)! I’m talking about the return of Hostess Twinkies!!! The return has come and you will slowly begin to see their ‘spongy goodness’ in stores, once again!

If you recall last Fall, the legendary snack brand, Hostess, declared bankruptcy and the company’s assets were liquidated.

Today, you will find the nostalgic snack cake stocked in many Walmart locations, as well as, Basha’s. Some stores are even offering special events in honor of the return of America’s favorite snack cake.

Not a fan of Twinkies? Hostess’ other snack options will not arrive in stores, right away. But you can bet some of your other favorites, such as Ho Hos, Cupcakes and Ding Dongs will make their appearances once again, for all to enjoy!

Will you rush to stores to buy a box today???

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