Ringo Starr Offers Peace, Love And An EBook

Ringo Starr has made “peace and love!” something of a catchphrase for himself in recent years, and since 2008, he’s asked fans to join him on his birthday (July 7) for “a moment of peace and love.”

So, once again, Ringo is asking fans to take a moment at noon — in whatever time zone they’re in — to once again take a “peace and love moment.” What, exactly, does that mean? Well, as Ringo demonstrates in a video on his website, you just make the peace sign with both hands, and repeat “peace and love” three times. Easier than we thought.

In other Ringo news, later this month, he’ll releaseĀ Photograph, an e-book collection of never-before-released photos (though some of them are now on display at the “Ringo: Peace & Love” exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles), including many with the Beatles. It will be available exclusively in the iTunes’ iBookstore starting June 12. A limited-edition physical version, signed by Ringo, will be available in December.


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