A 45 For $1,205

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Charlie-huero-headshot Charlie Huero
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Are you an eBay person?

Do you bid or sell stuff on eBay?

I tell you, I always say stuff like “I should sell this on eBay.” and then I never do it.

I can’t get into it. I guess it’s something I have to spend more time with in the future. Do they sell ‘time’ on Ebay? I need more of it!

I came across a story about a someone who just sold an autographed copy of a ‘Wings’ 45  from 1972 for the song “Hi, Hi, Hi”/”C-Moon” that was signed by Paul and Linda McCartney.  After the bids, it went for $1,205.

I know I have a bunch of this stuff lying around.  Time to find time and open a eBay account!

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