Fleetwood Mac In The Beginning

If you are a die-hard Fleetwood Mac fan, you are going to dig this!

This summer, Reprise Records is planning to reissue four of the bands oldest records starting with ‘Then Play On’ from 1969!  That is scheduled to come out on August 20th. It is newly remastered and has expanded versions of songs along with some un-released material.

Also on August 20th, they are going to release ‘Fleetwood Mac: 1969-72’ which will put together the band’s first four albums (‘Then Play On’, ‘Kiln House’, ‘Future Games’, and ‘Bare Trees’) in a new vinyl box.  They are going to work on the original packing and it’s going to be pretty slick.  ‘Then Play On’ alone will be sold for $18.98 and the set will come out for $79.98.

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