Awkward Interview With Paul McCartney’s Son

My interview with Brian Wilson before The Beach Boys concert in Phoenix last July was one of the toughest of my entire career.  I knew going in that he would probably give one or  two word answers to the softballs I was tossing him, and he did. Watching this duo trying to pull answers out of Paul’s son James on a BBC telecast yesterday brought up some of the same feelings.

35 year old James McCartney has a new album out and just finished touring the United States in support of it.  After the interview aired, James was criticized for his unwillingness to expand on the short answers he gave.

Watching the interview again this afternoon I have a different opinion about James.

James McCartney has his father’s eyes, but he may be something his father isn’t: shy and introverted.

It would explain a lot.

The interview begins about 2:00 into the video.


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