Box Office Champs

So many mixed reviews about the winner of the box office this weekend. It’s confusing how I can hear that it was AMAZING and that it was HORRIBLE all in the opening weekend. I guess we will watch to see what word of mouth will do for this film this week.

Clearly “Man of Steel” is the one that most movie goers spent their money on this weekend as the movie brought in a whopping $125 million!! It becomes the 2nd highest opening of the year behind only “Iron Man 3”.

Here is how the rest of the battle ended this weekend…. Your top 5 of this past weekend and the ones you may want to add to your list of movies to see if you haven’t just yet.

  1. Man of Steel
    $125 mil
  2.  This is the End
    $20.5 mil
  3. Now You See Me
    $10.3 mil
  4. Fast & Furious 6
    $9.4 mil
  5. The Purge
    $8.2 mil

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