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Credit: Shaul Schwarz
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Credit: Shaul Schwarz
Getty Images

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After a report I saw last night, I felt a need to share this with you before you eat out this weekend.Did you know that only 5% of Americans wash their hands properly after using the bathroom? And that is of the small percent that even wash them at ALL.

I’m sure you have seen it in public places. Men/women just walk past the sink from the stall. Some just turn on the water for two seconds and rinse with no soap.

And then there are the ones who put forth the effort however the elapsed time of washing is just not enough.

The good news is that studies showed that people were more likely to wash their hands when a sign is present.

(Funny I always wondered why you need to post a sign to tell your employees they MUST wash before leaving the bathroom.) If that is what it takes then so be it!

Maybe this is why I started carrying anti bacterial scrub in my purse a long time ago. Let’s hope that if we decide to eat out this weekend, it’s somewhere with a sign. LOL

Read more at CBS Atlanta.

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