In What Song Did The Beatles Sing The The Same Word 17 Times?

Talk about repetitive, one song The Beatles recorded had them repeating the same word seventeen times in a less than  two and a half minutes.  To narrow it down a bit, it was NOT ‘Revolution #9’ from The White Album.

It was also not one of the 75 cover songs recorded by the group.  That narrows it down to the other 229 songs recorded an written by at least one member of The Beatles.

John Lennon referred to the song as one of his favorite Beatles tracks because it was, according to hm, ‘real’.  Originally the song started out as a slow Bob-Dylanesque track before a more uptempo commercial approach was taken.  It was a move he later regretted, considering the lyric was an insight into his own dissatisfaction with himself at the time.  You can definately hear the difference in what  Paul contributed to the song and what John brought to the table when they wrote it in April 1965.

And you’ve sung the song a thousand times, not realizing you were singing the word ‘Help!’ 17 times in 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

Sing it again……



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