My Vintage Interview With Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen

One of the great things about having a home recording studio is the fact you can accomidate a recording artist’s specific window of opportunity for a phone interview.  That’s what happened when Donald Fagen called me in 1982 to talk about his upcoming album “‘The Nightfly”.

At the time it, was rumored to be one of the most expensive albums ever recorded, and also one of the first to be recorded in the (then) new digital medium.  CD’s were still a few years years away when we spoke that year, but considering how tough it was (and is) to get an interview with either Donald or other Steely Dan member Walter Becker then or now, and the fact it turned out to be a huge solo hit, it’s worth hearing again.  I had lass than 5 minutes with him, so few words were wasted.

Glad I saved it in my archives to share with you.

Donald Fagen

Here are a couple of songs from “The Firefly”, including the classic “New Frontier” video.


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