Bucket List Santa Fe DAY 1

Today we start nice and early at home to get ready for the trip. I have packed a small bag of items, and brought enough things to keep me occupied for the flight today. I am at work and waiting for Sandy to meet me as we need to head over to the airport to Great Lakes Airlines.

I have never been on this airline before, so I really do not know what to expect. Our plane is an 18 seat Beachcraft 1900D turbo prop.

photo Bucket List Santa Fe DAY 1

I have been on a plane like this before, but it was to go from Chicago to Milwaukee. It’s a short distance. Small planes do not bother me. Sandy and I are warned ahead of time that we will need to make sure we use the “facilities” before we leave as there are ZERO potties on the plane. Fair enough.

So what do I do? I get a huge Diet Coke to drink before we leave. I used the “facilities” before we left. Up in the air we get, on time, and the ride is pretty nice! Right with the clouds, perfect view, and something you don’t see everyday, but a view right through the cockpit. Sweet!

It almost feels like I am in a school bus in the sky…Sandy and I are in the very back seats.

photo (2)

You remember who sat in the back, right? Yes, all the troublemakers! We land in Santa Fe and meet with our wonderful guide, Steve. We drove the town and saw so many Art galleries! Amazing.

So many trees and the temperature is around 78 degrees. What a great getaway from the HEAT of Phoenix. Santa Fe nachos followed by drinks at the Agave Lounge and dinner at The Old House in the wonderful Eldorado Hotel & Spa. Time to turn in and get ready to COOK at the Santa Fe School Of Cooking!

See you in the morning!

photo (3) Click here to see more pictures from DAY 1!

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