Room with a VIEW!

I have been talking about my next Bucket List Item about going to the Santa Fe School Of Cooking. In order to fully enjoy the experience, I will be staying at the ELDORADO Hotel & Spa. I have been looking at this wonderful getaway on-line, and it looks AMAZING! I cannot wait to eat at the OLD HOUSE Restaurant, and hang out in the Agave lounge. Then, relax at the Nidah Spa! Click on the link below to see everything I am talking about. Remember to go to and register to win a trip┬ájust like mine to Santa Fe! I will be telling you all about my experience in Santa Fe, including my┬ástay at the ELDORADO Hotel & Spa. I truly cannot wait to “check-in”!

room Room with a VIEW!

agave 2

spa Room with a VIEW!

agave lounge


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