Leave It To Beaver Icon Is Dead

Whether you grew up with Leave it To Beaver like I did,or caught it in re-runs through the years, you came to know the characters almost on a personal basis.  Mention The Beaver, Wally, Mrs. Clever (and her ever present pearls), Ward, Eddie Haskell, Whitey, Miss Canfield, Fred Rutherford and his son Lumpy, and their unique personalities instantly bring up memories about a particular episode that featured that particular individual. that’s how well defined they were.  Jerry Mathers (The Beaver) is still with us, as is Tony Dow (Wally), and Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell).  Last Friday, Fred Bank, who played Lumpy Rutherford, celebrated his 71st birthday.  On Saturday he died – no cause of death has been announced.

Lumpy Rutherford was a bully, but not like Eddie Haskell.  In real life Fred Bank became a very good stockbroker whose clients included Barbara Billingsly (who played eaver’s mom June Clever) and Jerry Mathers, the Beev himself.

Here’s a classic Lumpy Rutherford moment from the show, where Lumpy thinks he’ll get an “A” by dating the teacher’s daughter.


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