Typo Costs New York Subway $250,000!

It looks like the New York Transit system is out a quarter of a million dollars. The worst part? It was a teeny – but crucial – error.

The New York transit system had to update their maps in order to reflect a change in the cost of a ticket to ride the Subway round trip. Apparently, someone forgot to double-check the map before it went to press and after. The whole purpose of the new maps was to change the ticket price but this was not included – or even changed – in the new ones. Oops.

80,000 maps were distributed as usual before the system caught wind of the error! Now, they will have to pay in more ways than one. Not only will they have to print out entirely new maps, but they may also have to deal with angry riders who are not happy about the mix up.

Updated maps will be distributed again on March 15. Two words: proof read.

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