Is This The Best Dunk Of The Year?

DeAndre Jordan had quite the night last night!

The Clippers’ center made an unbelievable move last night that blew up the internet and made the crowd go wild as his team faced off against the Detroit Pistons. In a move you have to see to believe, Jordan catches the ball mid-air and does an unbelievable dunk that lands Pistons’ point guard Brandon Knight on his back. Ouch. (Oh, did we mention he used his bad hand to dunk?)

Fans and fellow NBA superstars took their excitement to Twitter where Jordan’s name was a trending topic even hours following the game!

LeBron James was one of many who tweeted in favor of Jordan for dunk of the year. “DeAndre Jordan!!!! Dayyyuummmm!! Dunk of the year #littletikeshoop”

As for Knight – he is laughing off the incident on Twitter. “It wasn’t in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol.” Well, they are called Lob City for a reason.

Could this be the dunk of the year?

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