Are Mobile Phones Allowed At The Phoenix Open? Yes!!!

Here are the guidelines though…

So as not to interfere with tournament play or disturb golfers or spectators, there are a few guidelines that must be followed:

  • Devices must be set on silent mode at ALL times while on tournament grounds.
  • Devices may be used for calls only in designated areas (Verizon Zones) which will be marked by signage.
  • Devices cannot be used as a camera once play begins on Thursday, February 2nd.
  • Devices cannot be used as a video recorder at any time.
  • Devices must not be in sight near the rope-line in teeing areas, on the fairway or near the green. If patrons are not near the rope-line and well away from competitors, texting and emailing is permitted.

Tournament personnel will be monitoring device use throughout the tournament grounds. Fans who violate policy will be given two choices:

  1. Surrender the mobile device and retrieve it later by presenting a receipt at an area near the main gate when they leave the tournament.
  2. Leave the property immediately.
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