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Will You Have A White Christmas?

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Photo by Joern Haufe/Getty Images

Photo by Joern Haufe/Getty Images

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We’re close enough to Christmas that meteorologists can make pretty accurate predictions on whether or not we’re going to have snow.  Here are AccuWeather.com’s predictions on white Christmases around the country.


Highest chance:  The mountains in the West.  In the Cascades in Washington and Oregon, the Sierras in California, and the Rockies, it’s looking like snow.  A lot of snow.

Decent chance:  Upper Midwest.  Wisconsin, Minnesota, and upper Michigan have a good chance at snow.  Other parts of the Midwest, including Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa will also probably get snow.

Decent chance:  New England.  Northern New York and most of New England have a decent shot at snow.  Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont have the highest chance in New England.

Low chance:  Mid-Atlantic and South.  Nowhere down the Atlantic coast or through the South is predicted to have snow.

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