What Do You Want For Christmas?

Have you ever tried telling a family member, spouse or friends what you wanted for Christmas without being blunt about it? Well, I have a few ways that you can let everyone know what you’d like for Christmas, so that they aren’t second-guessing what you wanted.

This is a GREAT website for creating wish lists, gift lists and more, especially if you’re an online junkie, like I am. You can create a group list for the family so everyone can eliminate any wonder of what to get each other. I know it’s the “thought that counts”, but it’s always better to get a gift they won’t return!

Click here for GIFSTER

I love this website, in general. It’s not specifically for gift or wish lists, but you can create a category among your other fun photo posts and share that with everyone. This way, your gifters have a visual of what you really want!

Click here for PINTEREST

Have fun creating your lists and I hope you have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!

Lysa D.

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