KOOL Kids At Buffalo Wild Wings!!

The Kool Kids on the Block had a great time today thanks to the Buffalo Wild Wings located on 6560 E. Superstition Springs Blvd. Mesa AZ 85206.  The KOOL Buffalo Wild Wings Baggo Bowl was a blast, and a few lucky people were able to make it look too easy by scoring points on their first try.  The fun doesn’t stop here, the Kool kids will be at the Buffalo Wild Wings located in Chandler in the morning and the Tempe location in the evening.  So be sure to stop by, whether it be to hang out or to try your luck at  the KOOL Buffalo Wild Wings Baggo Bowl.  Hope to see you there.

BWW 12-4-12 (20) Until then, check out the pictures from Superstition Springs location. Click HERE!


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