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The Top 10 Reasons Men and Women Give For Dumping Each Other

A new survey found the top 10 reasons men and women DUMP each other.  Number one for women was fear of commitment.  Yep, the OPPOSITE of the stereotype.  Followed by “This is going too fast” and “You don’t make enough money.”  The top three for men were “It’s just not working,” “I’ve met someone else,” and “I’m not attracted to you.”

Top 10 Women Reasons:

#1.)  I’m not ready for a commitment.

#2.)  This is going too fast for me.

#3.)  You don’t make enough money.

#4.)  You aren’t mature enough.

#5.)  I need to focus on my career.

#6.)  I don’t like your friends or family.

#7.)  It’s just not working.

#8.)  We aren’t going to get married, so what’s the point?

#9.)  We don’t have enough in common.

#10.)  I don’t trust you.

–And here are the top 10 reasons MEN give for dumping you:

#1.)  It’s just not working.

#2.)  I’ve met someone else.

#3.)  I’m not attracted to you anymore.

#4.)  We’ve lost the sexual spark.

#5.)  It’s not you, it’s me.  Yep, the cliché that will make every woman laugh you out of the room actually made the cut.

#6.)  I need to concentrate on my career.

#7.)  We want different things.

#8.)  I don’t want to see you anymore.

#9.)  I’m not ready for a commitment.

#10.)  We don’t have enough in common.

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