New Rolling Stones Film ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Premiers Tonight On HBO

Tonight HBO will premiere a new film commerating The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary as a group.  In reality the film ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ only covers roughly the first 25 years packed into the 118 minute film.  There’s never before seen footage from the band’s vaults – Bill Wyman is a huge collector and archived most of the Stones material along the way.  The Stones history is covered from their London club gigs to their international fame and does feature a couple of things I didn’t know before, like the real reason Mick Taylor left the group (his increasing heroin addiction) and Bill Wyman’s logical analysis of what makes up the groups sound.

Don’t have HBO?  Don’t worry.  ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ will be out on DVD and blu-ray January 7, hopefully with lots of extras.


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