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Six Things You Do That Flight Attendants Hate

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You know how you hate the way people act on planes?  Imagine how the FLIGHT ATTENDANTS feel, every time they have to deal with a new plane-load of people.

A new survey asked flight attendants what they hate most about their passengers?  Here’s what you should avoid doing to make the plane a slightly better place:

#1.)  Snapping your fingers at them.

#2.)  Scrambling to leave the plane before the seatbelt signs are off.

#3.)  Trying to cram giant pieces of luggage into the overhead compartment.

#4.)  Talking through the safety demonstration.

#5.)  Asking for extra blankets or pillows.

#6.)  Shoving garbage in the seat pocket.

They also said the average passenger who causes the fewest problems is a male, in his 30s, sitting in economy and not first class, who’s traveling alone for pleasure, not business.

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