Six Things You Do That Flight Attendants Hate

You know how you hate the way people act on planes?  Imagine how the FLIGHT ATTENDANTS feel, every time they have to deal with a new plane-load of people.

A new survey asked flight attendants what they hate most about their passengers?  Here’s what you should avoid doing to make the plane a slightly better place:

#1.)  Snapping your fingers at them.

#2.)  Scrambling to leave the plane before the seatbelt signs are off.

#3.)  Trying to cram giant pieces of luggage into the overhead compartment.

#4.)  Talking through the safety demonstration.

#5.)  Asking for extra blankets or pillows.

#6.)  Shoving garbage in the seat pocket.

They also said the average passenger who causes the fewest problems is a male, in his 30s, sitting in economy and not first class, who’s traveling alone for pleasure, not business.

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