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Musicians And Other Celebrities Who Served In The Armed Forces

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RCA Victor - 1959

RCA Victor – 1959

Steve Goddard Steve Goddard
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Elvis Presley may be the most famous, but he wasn’t the only famous singer to serve in the Armed Forces.  Click here for a very detailed look at his 1958-1960 military career.  There are others that come to mind that may surprise you.  Like MC Hammer….and Julia Child.  No kidding.

And Mel Brooks – how would you been able to keep a straight face serving with him!
  Here are the singers and their branch of the service. >Tony Bennett – Army

Johnny Cash – Air Force

Jimi Hendrix – Army

Kris Kristofferson – Army

MC Hammer – Navy

Elvis Presley – Army

The Everly Brothers – Marine Corps

Lou Rawls – Army

Jerry Garcia – Army

SSgt Barry Sadler – Green Beret (wrote and sang the song)

Bill Cosby – Navy

Chuck Norris – Air Force

James Earl Jones – Army

Drew Carey – Marine Corps Reserve

Alan Alda – Army Reserve

Steve McQueen – Marine Corps

Mel Brooks – Army

Julia Child – OSS (Office Of Strategic Services)

Montel Williams – Marine Corps

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